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Dj Kool Herc - The Father of Hip Hop

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dj.kool herck!! - zeus1609

Kool Herc | We love Vinyl! | Brute Beats, Your hip hop station | #hiphop #rap #beats |

DJ Kool Herc! The DNA of the true sound of HipHop

Legends of Hip-Hop: Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa & DJ Kool Herc.

DJ Kool Herc (born Clive Campbell), aka the Founding Father of Hip Hop, legendary DJ. He originated Hip-Hop music in The Bronx. He isolated the instrumental portion of hard funk records, emphasizing the drum beat - the "break”, and switched between breaks. Via 2 turntables, he used 2 copies of a record to elongate the break; this formed the basis of Hip-Hop music. His call-outs to dancers helped lead to the rhymed spoken words known as rapping. He also called his dancers "break-boys" aka…

Kool Herc by Dan Lish Part of the Ego Strip series

The founding fathers of hip hop. DJ "Kool Herc" (right) and Emcee "Coke La Rock" (left)

DJ Kool Herc (right) "The Godfather of Hip Hop"

Hip Hop DJs jamin on the Street! *posted by Hip Hop Fusion