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Another page from SUPERMAN: LOIS AND CLARK #3. Look for the first issue on shelves this October. by dccomics


Christopher Reeve is Superman. Just looking at his life after his horse riding accident proves this. Also, the only actor to play the part of Sup's & Clark as believably different characters. Also my favorite superman

May 28, 2015: "San Andreas" Director Would Love to Direct a Superman Movie

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Thought it was pretty good actually. Very pretty film. It wasn't perfect but still entertaining. Only criticism is that one particular turning point in the film seemed to be over very quickly!

Superman's costume is conventionally red and blue with a 's' on his chest, once again we see a patriotic super hero

Henry Cavill Straight out of Krypton. I need this on a t-shirt for two reasons 1) it pairs well with my Straight Out of Compton lifestyle and 2) Henry's face would be on my boobs.