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Loving this idea for a cute teen (or tween) photo of the cousins.

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Community Post: 22 Signs You're Still Addicted To "Friends"

Close friends make for the best friends. One of my friends/colleagues' family just recently moved and needed a little help. The irony was since we've met we always lived down the street from each other and this was no exception. I helped him out of course, there is nothing like a close friend and i'll always be there for him as he was for me.

Yeah, because i was mad at you, not because I stopped loving you!...

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26 Reasons Joey Tribbiani Is An Incredible Role Model

When Ross and Rachel had the huge fight and the others were hiding in Monica's bedroom!

Yasss #mostfaveyear there's been other fave yrs our sister.BFF ers too many too mention. #soulsistaconcertchicks same-schools we take each other w us unbreakable bonds

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25 Moments When Joey And Chandler Won At Friendship

The little moments in which they understood each other perfectly. | 25 Moments When Joey And Chandler Won At Friendship

This photo reminds me of all my beloved cats, dogs and all the wildlife that have passed over. It looks like one is saying to the other, "Here we are going to meet all our old friends, forever loved".(Sadie)

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