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Gorgeous sky outside of Atlanta. Heading home to Nashville. Thanks, Florida friends! See you next year!

Short report from Camp JillyBenny, Florida: Tunes in the tent. Getting ready for our 2 o'clock show at the Naples Regional Library downtown on Central. Working on a new song. Rain stopped, sun is shining, time to unzip the windows :)

Report from Orient, Texas: It's a very curious human thing how you can turn a place into home and get settled in so quickly, even if you move your campsite three times. We had such a beautiful time rehearsing under the trees, working on the bootleg CDs, sewing, cooking, and getting used to our neighbor - a very busy armadillo who peeked into our sleeping tent just to make sure we were all tucked in, I suppose. She was very calm and practically walked over my foot once in order to root around…

Report from I-40 in Tennessee heading east: Sewing up an arm and a leg in the passenger seat of Bebe the Jeep while Billy desperately searches for an NPR station and cracks me up imitating the car commercials and truck songs.

Report from Hudson, Florida: If only Cyrus were here!

Short Report from Marco Island, Florida: Here goes the first of six Naples concerts! Setting up now, come over to the Marco Island Library if you're tired of this cloudy day and hear some sunshine at 5:30.

Report from Burbank, California: In the studio with The Good Intentions and Rick Shea! Making some country music, Liverpool-style! This is my little patch of studio earth at Paul's which I've already turned into Jeniland with a quilting magazine, sewing projects, postcards, stamps, and cameras. Makes me miss Chris, Ger, Val, Jim, Grateful Fred's, and so many of our friends across the ocean!