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Have you tried the Hairkop Essence line of products yet? The multi task styling cream is an innovative and unique development, that combines the styling qualities of a mousse with nurturing moisture that improves hair control and quality, thanks to the Obliphica, Shea butter and almond extract. Grab some today!

We now have extreme sheen & moisturizing treatment!!! The first oil sheen spray enriched with Shea Butter Shea Butter has the ability to penetrate and moisturize the hair shaft Nourishes and shines each tiny hair strand Strengthens weak and damaged hair bringing back a healty, soft, vibrant look Enriched with vitamins, botanicals and shea butter

Johnny B. Street Cream is a fibrous cream designed to add thickness and a matte finish to full heads of hair. This quality water-based pomade provides volume to texturized haircuts, especially after blow-drying. Features: Fibrous Texture Excellent for Creating Volume Molds Any Hair

Need some detangling for 20% OFF OF that unmanageable hair? We carry ALL types of wet brushes that come in colorful, exciting shapes and sizes! They are "whats in" today! Dont miss out

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Apply to wet hair and your hair dries into long waves. Buy at Target.

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Joico Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray, $16.99, 6 Products We're Currently Obsessed With

Johnny B. DOPE is best described as a “texture gel” that holds like a gel but is pliable like pomade. The 90′s generation product originally made in 1997 is now back!! Enjoy! Features: Brilliant Shine Pliable Hold Water Soluble Benefits: Johnny B. DOPE Texture Gel will mold the most difficult hair, straight or curly, to a precise, elegant finish. Never sticky or stiff! Just the right amount of control with a brilliant finish!