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migraine headache

Migraine headache pain can be searing and is often debilitating. However, you can overcome migraine headaches naturally and restore your life!

Wow, I'm an anomaly. Great! :(  No one in my family has them, mine move all around my head and my 1st migraine occurred at age 21. To be fair/honest, I have a TBI, so my case is "unique."

Central Kentucky Research is currently enrolling Migraine Sufferers in a Clinical Drug Study; The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of an investigational medication – lasmiditan – at 50 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg compared to a placebo at

Migraine Infographic - WholesomeOne Natural Holistic Health Therapies

Migraine Infographic - WholesomeOne Natural Holistic Health Therapies natural health tips, natural health remedies

8 Best Yoga Asanas To Treat Migraine                                                                                                                                                                                 More

When a migraine headache strikes, there is no simple way to handle it. Is migraine a big problem in your life? Did you know that yoga can keep the pain away successfully? If you want relief from a migraine, there are a few yoga poses that ca

The Impermanence Series by Seung-Hwan OH

In his series Impermanence, South Korean artist Seung-Hwan Oh creates wonderfully distorted photographic portraits by growing emulsion-eating fungus on his film. Oh first allows the fungus to parti…

The day when I feel no pain from a migraine headache and feel wonderful!

I feel like I should clean the house so I'm going to my craft room to play until the feeling passes. Yep, we need this! I need the Craft Room too!

Get Your Head Around Migraines [Infographic]

Migraine Infographic》 there is a difference between severe headaches and Migraines