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Welsh Lovespoon - Love spoons are traditional Welsh gifts symbolizing love and devotion. She'll cherish the unique, thoughtful nature of this gift.

Viking costume inspiration: Embellishment

Celtic Dragon- each rider has this medallion, and inside the medallion is a gem that looks like a dragon eye. The eye is the color of the Elemental they possess.

Andy Scott Public Art: This sculpture of a Clydesdale Horse has become one of the best known artworks in Scotland. Sited beside the M8 motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, it stands 4.5 metres tall at the head and is made of galvanised steel round bars.

The Welsh Dragon – Welsh: Y Ddraig Goch ("the red dragon") pronounced [ə ˈðraiɡ ˈɡoːχ] – appears on the national flag of Wales. The flag is also called Y Ddraig Goch. The oldest recorded use of the dragon to symbolise Wales is from the Historia Brittonum, written around 829 AD, but it is popularly supposed to have been the battle standard of King Arthur and other ancient Celtic leaders...

Comparison of Old English and modern English, with the introduction of Beowulf. The full site is an encyclopedia of languages with information on history of languages, etc.

Saw a Spiny Woodland Hopper yesterday and decided they are related to a spiny lumpsucker. I bet you can't guess which one is real...