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Political Cartoons of the Week: Hillary Berned


Nope and Noper starring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

2016 Presidential Candidates

I feel like Trump and Hillary are divorced parents fighting over custody of us. But we kind of just wanna go live with grandma

Shows the character of Mr Trump when even the dark side would be "whoa dude. enough."

Hm...I wonder if we nominated a turtle if the turtle would win?<<< It's a better option than the 2016 election that's for sure

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 34 Pics

~ Noam Chomsky In other words, the US didn't stop using sweat shop labor, we just exported it outside of our own borders.

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Bill ✔️. Trump is vile! Bill Gibson-Patmore. (curation & caption: @BillGP). Bill😄✔️

John Stewart "it's as though men and women are treated different." You tell 'em!