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kendrasmiles4u:  Garry Gay Fine Art America kendrasmiles4u

Autumn Harvest by Garry Gay - Autumn Harvest Photograph - Autumn Harvest Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Fall harvest by Garry Gay

Fall Harvest by Garry Gay - Fall Harvest Photograph - Fall Harvest Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

I Autumn

And this cute picture of red gloves in the shape of a heart holding chestnuts.


Halloween is just two days away! It's one of my favorite holidays and I love all of the festive elements, including pumpkin picking.

Imgatheringleaves: via Pinterest

imgatheringleaves: via Pinterest (Vintage Home)

abarefootdivascerebraljourney: “ As the crickets humm and the winds start to blow a little cooler we find ourselves looking forward to the smell of apple pie and the warmth of a beautiful soft blanket wrapped around our shoulders.

Pumpkins and leaves.

To do this fall.I LOVE THE FALL & pretty much everything on this list .besides the wine;) Did it list Pumpkin carving & hayrack rides !

Wonderful fall pictures with pumpkins and falling leaves

to embrace fall. We've held on to summer long enough. I love fall it's my favorite time of the year.