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Paddington, Bristol; We all came from another country whether you're hispanic, european, african, asian, etc. We are all immigrants even if it was your ancestors, great grandparents, grandparents, parents or yourself.

Rwanda becomes the least litter free country in Africa - WTF fun facts | My city (in USA) has a ban on plastic grocery bag instead we have to bring the reusable shopping bags.

Jones is not being charged with a crime because there's nothing against the law about driving a truck through a house, as long as it's your truck and your house.

There was a time when plugging in a record player in an abandoned building brought a police response more appropriate to the assembly of a nuclear device. Whatever rattled the establishment about rave culture, in their own warped way they had a point. It was dangerous.

Scenic views of Kauai from above. Keâe Beach is at the end of the road on the North Shore.

The official mascot for South Korea's 2018 Paralympics will be a moon bear. It may not sound like a big deal, but it is.

Zouis in beanies should not be allowed. Absolutely love that shirt on Niall. And Liam...wow.Just wow, you are just absolutely beautiful. And Harry...

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