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So true.

Roses are red, Mud is brown, 'Round here we Party with the Radio up and Tailgate down - Earl Dibbles Jr

Proof she's country

A girl doesn't have to wear jeans, a plaid shirt or cowgirl boots to prove she's country. Her personality should be all the proof you need. LOVE THIS!


I'm not the kind of person who calls the cops, I'm the kind of person that if you piss me off, you better hope you can call them beore I get a hold of you

Little Bit More of You - Adam Craig can't get enough of this song

The thought of you is driving me insane. Come on baby let's go listen to the night train - Night Train - Jason Aldean

Clementine von Radics - I've never read this, but I should. I want to just based on this beautiful excerpt

You are the most beautiful thing I've seen. I will love you when you are a still day. I will love you when you are a hurricane.

..."but you held my hand, and took me right back down to hell... I have an angel on my shoulder, and a devil in my head..." -Kaskade

"But you held my hand And took me right back down to hell. I have an angel on my shoulder but a devil in my head" -Kaskade