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Explore Storey Building, Medical Attention and more! A four storey building named ‘Piyush’ collapsed in Dahisar on Saturday morning. This is the third building collapse accident in two months. In this accident 5 are dead and four are injured.

Accident - Ambient DJ Dancer Suffers Fall from 4-Storey Building | NJ DJ Read about our dancer Sasha Sacco's horrific accident and miraculous recovery at the Ambient DJ blog!

'Pripyat High-Rise View' by James Charlick. "Pripyat was the town built for the workers at the Chernobyl nuclear plant. It has been a ghost town since the accident. This photo was taken in the 16 storey building behind Fujiyama."

Another 3-Storey Building Collapses in Lagos

Emily Audsley. The Rana Plaza eight storey building collapse was one of the most deadliest garments accidents ever, killing around 1130 people and injuring 2,515. Consequently, the day before the accident warnings were given out not to use the building due to cracks in the walls, this warning was ignored and the workers were told to go back to work, and look what happened! | 1134 live souls ! not number ! flash back reminds! | 1134 live souls ! not number .. flash back reminds ! 7 mins · rana plaza tragedy at savar The collapse of an eight-storey building in Savar (Bangladesh) known as Rana Plaza, which housed four garment factories, plus many shops has cost 1,127 deaths and counting. But the good news is: by risking their own lives the rescuers pulled out 2,438 people alive, the highest number in any such accident and Reshma, a…

Gangaram building collapse - A seven-storey building under construction in Bangalore, India, belonging to N. Gangaram, collapsed on 12 September 1983 resulting in 123 dead and over 120 injured. This building collapse is considered as one of the worst tragedies of Bangalore city.