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Accident - Ambient DJ Dancer Suffers Fall from 4-Storey Building | NJ DJ Read about our dancer Sasha Sacco's horrific accident and miraculous recovery at the Ambient DJ blog!

Emily Audsley. The Rana Plaza eight storey building collapse was one of the most deadliest garments accidents ever, killing around 1130 people and injuring 2,515. Consequently, the day before the accident warnings were given out not to use the building due to cracks in the walls, this warning was ignored and the workers were told to go back to work, and look what happened!

from BBC News

In pictures: Dark Pripyat

Here you can see the Cultural Palace on the right, various other shops and restaurants and the 17-storey buildings in which most people lived. Each one is topped with a Soviet symbol.

The stack ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap ethos of fast fashion is damaging the planet and our self esteem, according to experts. Lee Williams explores how slowing down the fashion industry will transform our clothes – and our happiness. On 24 April 2013, the eight-storey Rana Plaza building collapsed killing more than 1,100 workers and injuring many hundreds more in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. The disaster, caused by structural failure, was the worst industrial accident of modern times…

Stoke Mandeville Hospital – A&E. In August 2012 MTX were awarded the contract to design and install a new single storey modular building extension to the existing Accident and Emergency Department at Stoke Mandeville Hospital for Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. The Trust submitted plans to expand the A&E Department at Stoke Mandeville in order to ‘focus its medical A&E expertise in a single site to provide a more specialist, better resourced and higher quality service overall’

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Majority of Bangladesh garment factories 'vulnerable to collapse'


The world's weirdest skyscrapers

Wooden Gangster House. Archangelsk, Russia. Amazing, the eighth wonder of the world, made out of wood, by a Russian Gangster who only ever intended to build a normal looking normal sized house. He didn't really like the way it looked after building the first couple of floors so he kept on building. "What you see today is a happy accident" he said...

from the Guardian

Bangladesh fashion factory safety work severely behind schedule

Rescuers in 2013 gather at the collapsed eight-storey Rana Plaza garment building, near Dhaka, Bangladesh.