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GN409.1 Positioning elements

Positioning Elements with a male thread, are designed for use as locating plungers, stops & thrust blocks.

GN6341 Washers

Washer Is used mainly in mechanical machine and jig construction.

GN451 Stainless Steel Rubber Buffers

Rubber Buffers are suitable for the elastic mounting of machine units such as motors, compressors and pumps. UK supplier, next day delivery.

DIN6321 Workholding Bolts / Headed Dowels

DIN6321 Workholding Bolts / Headed Dowels

GN705 Set Collars

Set Collars Stainless Steel, with Internal Hexagon

GN631.5 Thrust pad-Stainless steel

Thrust Pads Stainless Steel, with O-Ring Rubber

GN187.4 Serrated locking plates

Serrated Locking Plates allow standard components to be interlocked & set at a defined angle.

GN505 T Nuts For Aluminium Extrusion

T Nut For Aluminium Extrusion, can be inserted vertically into a T-slot like Rhombus nuts UK supplier, next day delivery.

GN6321.1 Headed Dowel

Headed Dowel These headed dowels can also be used as feet making them a useful, versatile product.

GN350.2 Levelling Sets

Levelling Sets with Spherical Washer, Steel or Stainless are used for leveling, adjusting, and linking operations. UK supplier, next day delivery