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Obama has indeed mentioned past U.S. flaws in several speeches. But in those speeches, Obama never uttered an apology for the United States. And anyone who can prove otherwise please show me the proof.

We need a real American President! American patriot - An answer to those lib-tards who defend Obama for doing NOTHING to protect our slaughtered people in Benghazi!

The skunk has replaced the Eagle as tge presidential symbol.it's half black, half white and everything it does stinks. nothing more than skunk shit. my apologies to skunks.

They are Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. History does repeat itself. That is why it is important.

This trash will be leeching off the American people for the rest of their hopeless lives

Then you have Trump that faked bone spurs to get three draft deferments from the Vietnam war..while still playing Football in college..and according to him he was the best player the school had ever seen. He also played several other sports. No wonder he is buddies with Ted Nugent who crapped in his pants for a week?4 going to his induction physical. Traitors

American Presidents in uniform. I really think it should be required for a president to have served in the military.


Let me get this straight you have a muslim terrorist bastard in the White House and you are worried about a comedian. Who's a dumb bastard?


My god its so funny how black people are so racist ! your beating the drum to your own tune there guys.

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LIBERAL DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY The persecution of Christians in America is a sad thing. Hypocrisy at work people! It is time to do something about this while there is still a little hope this country is savable, but we have to do it quick!

All rode in on a million wild stallions to save the day and it had an affect on those who mistook themselves as invincible!!

muslim enclaves are being reclaimed - we wish--Let'smdo the neighborly thing and bringem' ham sandwiches.