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I'm the person who's down for spontaneous adventures But also down to lay in bed all day.so true!

Omg I absolutely love this!!! If more guys were like this....

I'm a 19 year old guy and I bailed on my friends to take my little sister to a movie. I told her I'd never let any guy hurt her. That includes me. Awwww so sweet

Except the fan fiction

all true ( well I don't write fan fiction and don't normally read it.) My imagination doesn't scare me. Some times but hey whatcha gonna do

I've been working so hard to stop doing this.

Totally not related to this pin but you should check out my Marvel and Captain America: Civil War board if you're interested in that kind of stuff!

I'm a girl, and I love this.

This pin is on my wishes board because every girl should wish for a guy like that. Guys, repost this if you agree with this pin. Girls, repost this if you want a guy who would write this pin. Be honest.<<<I don't agree with all of it, but.