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So isn't it sad that society is constantly telling us we have to "look on the bright side", " put a smile on our face" " be grateful" and 100 other cheesy, "just be happy" cliches.

Best thing about life in Britain: "Is it that you're never more than 500 miles away from Stephen Fry?"

A plate from Samuel Chamberlain's book "Domestic Architecture in Rural France" published in 1928. This plate shouws examples of Half timbered buildings in Lisieux

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Well, that's an interesting subtitle.

Because how many people have hair with such a wide emotional range? All mine seems capable of feeling is RAGE!

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4 pequeños cambios que puedes hacer para vivir mejor

'You'd lose your mind trying to understand mine' - Juliette is full of secrets (like not knowing how to read) that she thinks no one will understand...

NamJin watching Ryan be like Rapmon: we have to do a good job so they still think that. Jin: ugh so i have to like...ruin my hair and stuff. Rapmon: JIN ITS FOR THE POSSIBLE FANS ON YOUTUBE.