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diy suitcase dog bed

If you are searching for a watch dog, then you may want to take into account different breeds of dogs like a German shepherd.

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20 Fun House Design Ideas for Your Pets. My favorite house design ideas for your pets. Pet shower, built-in dog and cat beds, cat-walk, built-in dog kennel.

I just learned how to sew last month, solely because I wanted to make the craft fair table cover by jessyratfink and how to make green swifter duste...

Dog Bed With Removable Blanket

I just learned how to sew last month, solely because I wanted to make the craft fair table cover by jessyratfink and how to make "green" swifter duster.

Homemade Dog Toys Made by DIY Pet Owners - http://www.bigdiyideas.com/homemade-dog-toys-made-diy-owners/         (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push();      We love our canine pets and for the most part we love playing with them, except for a nip or a leg hump here and there. All dogs love to chew and pull and dog toys provide a great option for letting a dog enjoy himself while...

37 Homemade Dog Toys Made by DIY Pet Owners

37 Homemade Dog Toys-the recycled water bottle in a tall sock works great (but very noisy)

Kid Friendly Table Transformation love how they took a side table turned it upside down, painted it, glued on finials and made a fabric covered cushion. Ultimately a kitty bed for a queen kitty!

Kid Friendly Table Transformation

This is a cat bed that looks like a four poster bed, and I'm pretty sure it's just a side table turned upside down. Just get a cushion and BAM we could have a 4 poster bed for our girls or the kitties at the humane society!

Uma velha cômoda ainda poderá ser de grande utilidade se transformada! A reforma da peça poderá propiciar novas funções ao mobiliário, servindo de mesa lateral e local de repouso para seu pet. Para a realização deste projeto basta remover a parte inferior da cômoda e finalizar pintando-a com uma cor divertida e acrescentando uma almofada para seu bichinho.

Nightstand Dog Bed – An old flea-market dresser into a combination bedside table and pet bed. DIY Network has more unique ideas and instructions on how to make dog and cat beds from old end tables, dressers and more.


Cool & Creative Way to Design Dog Beds

23 Cosas hechas a mano que harán feliz a tu perro

23 Cosas hechas a mano que harán feliz a tu perro

Whelp, I’ve jumped on the vintage suitcase dog bed bandwagon. What, you ask, are vintage suitcase dog beds? Well these adorable pet beds are basically just upcycled old suitcases.

another ingenious idea!

End table flipped upside down and painted with a cushion becomes a dog/cat bed. Achilles would need a really big end table or maybe a coffee table.


Turn a second-hand dresser into a pet bed and treat station with a few coats of paint and some Milk-Bone jars. A side table turned upside down or an oversize drawer with a large floor pillow will also double as a shabby chic dog bed when painted.

Repurpose an old side coffee table with some color, take out the doors and jazz it up to use the space.

DIY End Table Dog Beds (before and after). Or, create a vignette, seasonal, family photos/mementos, inside. I have just the tables for this.

Cats and dogs love curling up in your clothes. Whether it's your sweaty gym shorts or your freshly laundered sweater, these items seem to be irresistible to pets — and their fur. So why not give your furry friend a sweater of his own?  Red & Blue :)

10 enviable upcycled pet beds

Craft an old sweater into a cat bed! How cute is that? This is one gorgeous vintage-look sweater, too! (btw, i would've put Dog-bed, but my daughters doggie is WAY too big for a 'sweater' bed LOL!