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FitGolf Performance Center just opened in Wilmington MA! Check it out! Golf fitness is an important part of the game and the initial evaluation gives a golfer valuable information about how the body works while playing golf.

Phases of the Golf Swing and Exercises for Improvement: Part 2 Cont. -

In golf as in life it is the follow through that makes the difference. - Dr Seuss | More good Golf Stuff here

Check out the shout out to Dave DuPriest of FitGolf on p30. Way to go Stephen!

THINQ Golf has launched a new and improved experience for golfers looking to improve their mental game and on-course performance, as based on the input from forum members, top college coaches, and the THINQ Team. This includes a revised app-based suite of mental games which is now available for more mobile devices and operating systems than ever before. Visit for more information