Time Timer - Helps with students' time management skills!

Audible Time Timer, graphic clock face gives the child visual understanding of time passing, this is ideal for timed activities. There is an optional audible component.

Lessons and tips for Primary Teachers.

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For my school friends.Check out the "go to" place to find updated materials that are aligned with Common Core materials.

Save space in your classroom and post objectives on a picture frame or your ELPS

Certificate frames from the dollar store, scrapbook paper, ribbons, and paper. Cute new learning objectives board. You could also have one for each math group and their write their learning objective.

Lights! Camera! Autism!: Using video technology to enhance lives~Awesome book!

: Using video technology to enhance lives~Awesome book!

*** This is another great hallway poem that I have seen used in a first grade classroom. It was very effective and the students loved it.

Practicing good hallway behavior is a routine for many teachers at the beginning of the school year for their students. Hang this Hallway Poem by your door and teach your students.

Apartmenttherapy has an app for teaching kids about time- this may be handy for using on long car trips

Time Timer App Helps Kids Understand Time

Love this to keep kids on track during daily 5, then I wouldn't have to ring the bell. Perfect now that we have LCDs!

Going to use this online stopwatch during our centers rotation as a visual to help students stay on track. Will be displayed onto whiteboard via projector.

Best Sand Timer ($0.00) digitized hourglass can be used to time anything for up to 60 minutes. Visual indicator of how much time is left on your task. KID FRIENDLY Timer visualizes time. Without reading or even knowing the numbers one can look at the visualized time flow, & understand how long to wait or whether to hurry up. Lets you set the alarm sound that will play when the timer is finished. You’ll be notified when your time is up even if you’re using another app or your device is…

Digital sand timer: visual aid for taking turns, or signaling time left until a transition. Available on itunes/ app store.

Time Timer Tips for Seniors!

Time Timer Tips for Senior Citizens

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Remember this style of timer? If it brings back wonderful memories of childhood consider using it to make your paperwork more fun. Make a game of how much paper you can sort through in 15 minutes. And this timer also makes the passing of time visible.

My Favorite:  To the tune of "Row Row Row Your Boat:"  Hands hands to yourself,   Please don't touch the wall,  Single file, silent lips,  We're ready for the hall!

Line up chants and great transition songs for when you're leaving the classroom! Think my middle school students could do these as a friendly reminder to be quiet!

Help! My Students are So Rude, Mean, and Disrespectful to Each Other! - Great advice from teachers for teachers!

Help! My Students Are So Rude, Mean, and Disrespectful to Each Other

For every rude comment I hear we put a marble in the jar. For each marble we multiplied by and that was how many minutes of Fun Friday they missed! Play the classroom friendly social language games at Looks-Like-Language to reinforce nice behavior!