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In London, at a public place called Guildhall, Catholic prisoners were being examined. The chief interrogator, proceeding methodically, asked one of the prisoners if he recognized that Elizabeth was the Queen of England, even though she had been excommunicated by the pope. The prisoner, carefully weighing his words, admitted that Elizabeth was the Queen, and, …

St. Thomas Garnet (b c.1575 in Southwark and executed on 23 June 1608 in London) was a Jesuit priest. He was executed at Tyburn and is one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales

from Portraits of Saints

St. Margaret Clitherow Framed

St. Margaret Clitherow, wife, mother and martyr, was a fearless protector of her faith. She harbored priests in her home during raids in protestant England, and for this she was condemned to be crushed to death. “The sheriffs have said that I am going to die this coming Friday; and I feel the weakness of my flesh which is troubled at this news, but my spirit rejoices greatly.” She died on Good Friday, March 25th, 1586. Margaret’s last words were “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, have mercy on me!”

22 marzo St. Nicholas Owen (d.1606) was born in England, the son of an Oxford carpenter. He became a carpenter himself, and joined the Jesuits as a lay brother during the era when Catholicism was banned in England. After being imprisoned for defending the martyred St. Edmund Campion, Nicholas began working for and traveling with the Jesuits, staying in Catholic houses where he made repairs during the day and secretly constructed well-disguised 'priest-holes', or hiding places for hunted…

The execution spot for Thomas More, John Fisher, Thomas Cromwell, Edward Seymour, Thomas Wyatt, Thomas Howard, and quite a few other unfortunate souls. The Tower of London is behind the trees in the centre, and that egg-shaped building is City Hall. The memorial itself is the square-patterned brickwork and plaques in the foreground. You'd think there'd be more fanfare for such an important place!

1919 WW1 London: Female members of the Scotland Yard pose in uniform for a group portrait. The London police department was pioneer in recruiting and deploying women in the patrol force.