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In London, at a public place called Guildhall, Catholic prisoners were being examined. The chief interrogator, proceeding methodically, asked one of the prisoners if he recognized that Elizabeth was the Queen of England, even though she had been excommunicated by the pope. The prisoner, carefully weighing his words, admitted that Elizabeth was the Queen, and, …

St Anne Line was executed for sheltering #Catholic priests during the reign of #Elizabeth I in #England

Thought for the Day - March 22 #pinterest St Nicholas Owen (Saint of the Day) was a clever builder and architect who used his skills to protect endangered priests. Without his help, hundreds of English Catholics would have been deprived of the .......| Awestruck Catholic Social Network

St. Edmund Gennings, Roman Catholic Priest and English Martyr and was hanged, drawn and quartered. Feastday Dec.10

Saint John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester #catholic He who disbelieves in even a single article of the faith is justly held guilty of disbelief in the whole #faith.

St. Thomas Garnet (b c.1575 in Southwark and executed on 23 June 1608 in London) was a Jesuit priest. He was executed at Tyburn and is one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales