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Moroccan Ceiling Lamp. I just bought one of these from World Market today for my living room. Can't wait to try it out!!!!!!! @Barbara LeForge I got the exact shade of curtains that I wanted too!!

Golden hues, plums and deep reds are perfect for the season. Add texture with curtains and pillows.

SUPERIOR, a lightweight #textile for many purposes. Available in 18 beautiful #colours. Developed for the use in #events, #shows and #decoration. #interior #design 18 modern colours that range from warm golden, yellow and red tones to cool blue and silver hues, come with an elegant gloss. Incident light is discreetly reflected. SUPERIOR features a beautiful look and feel, it is ideal for curtains or drapes and also an excellent choice for covering voluminious, especially back-lit objects.

Etched Plants Group Wall Art Set of 4 This quartet collection can add shape to the walls, and the burgundy hues go well with the burgundy-crimson-maroon curtains; plus, this quartet will be lovely against the golden yellow walls of the living room ...

“As I stepped out of my beachside cottage, draped moss from century old oak trees surrounds me. Brushing this organic curtain aside, I found myself engulfed in a light breeze and beaming Southern sun. My eyes drank in the textures and hues of the tranquil sandy beaches, opulent trees, riotous gardens and the vast marsh grasses. The Golden Isles of Georgia glowed with life...

Diffa Chicago's “Dining by Design” by Lional Rivero of Event Creative. The setting included golden hues, undulating lines, and a wall covered in patterns that resembled raindrops in puddles.