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Enigma  - Absolvo

Doctoral Research Project Explores Healing with Heart-Focused Prayer/Compassion Meditation - HeartMath Institute

ho-lo-gram — a three-dimensional image created by directing two coherent light sources such as a lazer, a source beam and reference beam, through a two-dimensional image. Heart Ho-lo-gram-ming™ — a practice in which an individual sincerely focuses/directs spirit and heart intelligence to the heart's true intent — likened to a hologram — to actualize it. …

Heart Hologramming Who You Want to Be - HeartMath Institute

Amazing Oriental Oil Paintings of Chinese Goddesses and Angels by Zeng Hao

Рецепта за олио от канабис, която лекува рак

Using cannabis, scientists discover inexpensive way to dramatically boost battery storage potential

BUSTED: Duggar family’s homeschool program sued for sexually abusing minors

Inappropriate touching and covering up the sexual abuse of minors are alleged.

The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science

What is neuroplasticity? Is it possible to change your brain? Norman Doidges inspiring guide to the new brain science explains all of this and more An astonishing new science called neuroplasticity is


A Powerful Protocol Proven to Help Reverse Brain Damage

Eat Right For Your Type - Type O was the first blood type, the type O ancestral prototype was a canny, aggressive predator. Aspects of the Type O profile remain essential in every society even to this day – leadership, extroversion, energy and focus are among their best traits. Type O’s can be powerful and productive, however, when stressed Type O’s response can be one of anger, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Eat Right For Your Blood Type. Blood Type O thrives on a lean, high protein diet.

Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil) Found to Remove Flouride from Water & Support Pineal Gland Health

Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil) Found to Remove Fluoride from Water & Support Pineal Gland Health; I just happen to have some Holy Basil growing in my yard right now. How fortuitous!

John Lennon was one of those rare people who was more influenced by peace and harmony than living an affluent life. His words were not only deep but inspiri

Top 50 John Lennon Quotes - Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

Relieve Bloating, Speed Weight Loss and Balance pH With One 2-Minute Morning Trick : The Hearty Soul

Relieve Bloating and Speed Weight Loss With One 2-Minute Morning Trick

Colorado cannabis kingpin John Lord wants to open stores in NZ - Waikato Times

John Lord and his girlfriend, Ling Monk, pictured with rapper Snoop Dogg, who Lord has signed to sell a branded product called Leafs by Snoop.