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Confessions of a Nurse

What's even crazier is I asked infection control about this at my hospital and they said that there isn't evidence that "disgusting-ness" (for lack of a better word) is carried around on our shoes.let's just say cavi-wipes are my best friend : )

Write notes like a rockstar...common abbreviations used in the hospital and in nursing school.                                                                                                                                                     More

Write notes like a rockstar…common abbreviations used in the hospital and in nursing school.

35 IV Therapy Tips & Tricks for Nurses: http://www.nursebuff.com/2014/05/iv-therapy-tips-and-tricks-for-nurses/

There are 35 IV Therapy Tips Tricks for Nurses nursing students on this site plus lots of other helpful information!

Nursing by the Numbers

Nursing infographic - some very interesting data -- did you know that nurses were injured more often than construction workers and assaulted more frequently than prison guards -- so much for "peaceful" first responders --

Medical TV shows are WRONG!

Be prepared to never be able to watch TV again. I drove my parents crazy, still do, and have been banned from watching TV with them when anything medical is going on.


Calm Down I'm A Nurse 5 Days Only

I have seen this frequently since becoming a nurse and I still love it every time I read it

Being a nurse is one of my biggest goal I have just completed or I should say it completes me! I love this!

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