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Stay safe out there! DC is expected to see historic amounts of snowfall this weekend.The National Archives will close at noon today. We will remain closed Saturday and Sunday. Heavy Snowfall in D.C. by Clifford Berryman, 1/31/1922, U.S. Senate Collection (NAID 6011710)

Free Animal Kingdom Notebook Printables

Each child builds their very own researched Animal Kingdom Reference binder. This gives each of them the freedom to add any animal they wish as well as the required school activities. Can be added to year after year.

How to Convert a Widget into a Joomla Module

This tutorial will cover the process of creating a basic Joomla module from an existing widget. We're going to take a widget from Mixcloud, learn how to convert it into a Joomla module and, finally, distribute the extension to JED (Joomla Extension Directory).

Do you have trouble finding science and social studies curriculum for students with special needs? This is how I integrate common core science topics into my autism classroom!

Learn states and capitols, countries, and locations... all for free!

These history videos for kids cover the four year history cycle--ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern. This gallery of videos is absolutely amazing!