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Catch Zeus if you can! The great Greek god has bolted from Mount Olympus and it's up to you to nab this dashing deity. Play cards strategically, adding numbers as you climb up the mythic mountain. Grab Zeus when the total reaches a multiple of 10. Better yet, summon the strength of Apollo, Poseidon, or all-powerful Hera to bring Zeus within your grasp. Reach the top of Mount Olympus with Zeus in hand and you're a mortal among the gods. To play is human. To win, divine! #maths

Wig Out | Coiledspring Games Flip your wig for this fast and frenzied card game that will put your frizzy in a tizzy! Race against your opponents to get rid of cards by matching all kinds of colourful hairstyles. Put together a pair of Pigtails. Combine a couple of cornrows. Match a mullet or some mohawks. The first player out of cards is a cut above the rest!

As children play Rat-a-tat Cat, they develop a sense of timing and an understanding of basic, but essential, mathematical concepts. They learn ways to remember their cards and strategies to figure out what cards other players might have. They also begin to develop an intuitive sense of probability. Rat-a-tat Cat requires skill, strategy, and awareness, challenging both young children and adults #maths #probability

Zingo! 1-2-3 | Coiledspring Games Two levels of play mean that children of different ages can play - one side is number matching - the other is simple addition #maths

Katamino helps children understand the basic concepts of #geometry and develop their observation and powers of #logic while enjoying themselves. It can also bolster fine motor skills and spatial awareness. #maths

The Fast, Fun Game of Mental #Maths. Roll the two 12-sided target dice and multiply them to get a target number. Roll the three scoring dice and combine these numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or even powers to build an equation that is closest, or equal to, the target.

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