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Mitchell and Mitchell's picnic is rudely interrupted.

from Amanda Arneill


Haha! @amandaarneill ・・・ I've never particularly liked that book anyway. That Dad Bunny always having to one up his poor kid. Kind of seemed like a jerk move to me. And don't even get me started on space travel. 😉


"ouat fake texts"

Killian and Dave have a little chat after being rudely interrupted in “Unforgiven”

"Because you crashed my date, which turned out pretty good, after the rude interruption." Emma, Hook and Will - 4*4 "The Apprentice." #CaptainSwan

from BuzzFeed

The 18 Best Ideas People On The Internet Have Ever Had

This works tho, and I often get excited and interrupt ppl when they're talking so I hope ppl use this on me too XD

Sarcasm - Hhmmm! wish I could throw this at people who do this with regularity. Not many wait their turn anymore nor excuse themselves for interrupting in this thoughtless disrespectful manner showing blatant inconsideration and lack of tact..... annoying......MUCH!!!

Interrupt my stitch count again, and you will be stabbed... with a crochet hook... in the face... very hard...