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Make spelling fun with this Groundhog Day themed spelling list, vocabulary activities, class spelling bee game, and winner(s) certificate. Spelling words: prediction, hibernate, Pennsylvania, temperature, underground, foretell, burrow, climate, emerge, ominous, forecast, retreat, rodent, weather, conditions

The Molechaser is the easiest, most environmentally friendly way to get rid of moles, voles, gophers, shrews, ground squirrels and other burrowing rodents.

chases Away Burrowing Rodents With Powerful Vibrations effective Up To 1 and 3 Acre does Not Affect Pets Convenient Battery Change Cylinder mow-over Design work. P3 Vibratech Mole & Gopher Chaser by Custom Made. #myCustomMade

Manning UE-12 Underground Exterminator by Manning Products Inc. $16.99. Rubber coupler connects car. exhaust pipe to garden hose. Rodents die in 5 to 7 minutes. EXTERMINATOR. Fumes fill burrow. MANNING UNDERGROUND EXTERMINATOR Rubber coupler connects car exhaust pipe to garden hose Fumes fill burrow Rodents die in 5 to 7 minutes Boxed

#Landscapers! This Gopher X device uses a nontoxic smoke oil blend to safely eliminate gophers, ground squirrels, moles and other burrowing rodents.

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