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Cheap wholesale large peace sign earrings. Do you love the peace sign? Well then you are going to love our earrings. They are amazingly lightweight and measure about 7 cm in diameter. They come in a natural wood color, Brown, Black or Chocolate. They are lightly treated wood to add just the right tone. These peace earrings are a steal at only $1.25 each pair.

Wholesale peace sign earrings Black and White peace sign earrings are made of a lightweight metal. The center of the earring with the peace sign is unattached from the outer ring. This causes them to sway lightly back and forth. They are beautiful and yet simple. Truly a bargain at only $1.00 each pair.

Wood floral earrings, wood flower earrings, wooden earrings.The wood floral earring hangs approximately 3" inches from bottom of the fishhook to the bottom of the earring. This lightweight earring is available in three colors. Black, Brown or Natural. This earring is only $1.00 each pair.

from Luulla

Rainbow Mosaic Peace Sign

*Colorful mosaic peace sign*Features rainbow design in glass mosaic tiles*Colors include reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples*Back is painted yellow*Has peg cut out on back for easy inches in diameter