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Flexibility, like the other genius qualities, has the potential to be a good thing and it might get kids into trouble. That’s why self-control is such an important character quality for geniuses. Flexibility is the ability to make fluid associations among ideas. These children don’t keep their thinking in a box, but rather will relate […]

Awakening and keeping genius qualities alive in our kids is a great privilege. In today’s video, Dr. Kathy shares the first of twelve genius qualities determined by the work of Dr. Thomas Armstrong. She’ll tell us how curiosity is defined in this context, how we might shut it down, and how we can encourage our […]

Creativity is another of the genius qualities. Do you value it and want your children to exhibit the quality? What’s the proof? Dr. Kathy shares that it’s relevant across the curriculum and uses her brother and one of her former second graders as examples. She also mentions three character qualities that help children use each […]

Is your child a genius? What makes you think so? In this video, Dr. Kathy introduces a series of videos about the 12 genius qualities as determined by Dr. Tom Armstrong. We think you’ll be surprised by what they are and aren’t. But, you’ll have to wait for next week’s video to discover the first […]

How do you react to the news that joy is a genius quality? Think about your own life. Isn’t the joy associated with accomplishments sometimes (always?) more satisfying than the prize or paycheck? We must give our children time to experience joy. We must share in their joy. This may be what keeps them persevering […]

Our series about what geniuses have in common continues with this short video. Dr. Kathy shares Dr. Armstrong’s definition of this quality – imagination. She’ll help you think about if and how you and your children exhibit this quality. If you want to value it more, what could you do differently?

God’s quality of love is the first mentioned in the list of the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22). It may be first, and most important, because without it we would have a hard time exhibiting the other qualities. Dr. Kathy shares four things kids have told her related to their ability to trust a […]

As we continue our series of videos about the 12 important genius qualities, Dr. Kathy addresses the quality of wonder. She’ll share a way it’s commonly shut down in our children and reasons we must keep it alive. Because it has a double purpose, as she’ll explain, it’s extremely important. If you want your children […]