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Percy and Annabeth by Viria

Percabeth sketch by Viria <---SKETCH. the key word here is SKETCH. When I "sketch", it looks like my pencil threw up all over my paper, but when Viria or Budge sit down and sketch, I swear it's ready for the art museum<<<<<So true

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summoned from the underworld by viria<<<<<<<<< this gave me chills. Vira just made herself 100000000 times better in my eyes.<<<<<if Percy Died

Just some more Viria :)

yo this is by far my favorite fanart by vira greatest pj artist I've seen no argument

Annabeth Chase

“This is Annabeth,” Jason said. “Uh, normally she doesn’t judo-flip people.” Mark of Athena, Rick Riordan<----- I LOVE how Burdge draws Annabeth! She's exactly the "scary blond girl" that Leo describes!

Percy Jackson. Hey y'all, go follow Meaghan Nicole!! She's awesome, and my best friend.. :)

leovaldezishness: Can we appreciate this Dark!Percy Viria drew and posted on her…

Y can't I draw this good :( no fair. This is awesome though

By Viria. This is amazing and exactly how I pictured Leo, But I think that someone in the books should tell him that he is their hero because he doubts himself

percy jackson fan art luke - Google Search

Your life at Camp Half-Blood

Let's see how far we've come...

How far we've come by matchbox twenty. The Heroes of Olympus. I think I've pinned a video version thing of this somewhere at the bottom of this board.

Percabeth, by Viria on tumblr

Lucky we’re in love in every way so-valdez suggested me this song, so I’ve been listening to it while drawing. Feel like everything sucks so I’ve drawn a happy Percabeth to cheer myself up ^_^ he’s totally trying to manage to kiss her while blowing.