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Consuelo Parra (36 работ)

A witch and her familiar. 'When A Woman Loves.' Consuelo Parra, by =Aeternum-Art Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Dark =Aeternum-Art. Via Roxanne Hartman.

Our fantastic civilization has fallen out of touch with many aspects of nature, and with none more completely than night. Primitive folk, gathered at a cave mouth round a fire, do not fear night; they fear, rather, the energies and creatures to whom night gives power; we of the age of the machines, having delivered ourselves of nocturnal enemies, now have a dislike of night itself. With lights and ver more lights...  cont comments

the star of Disney's 'BRAVE'. "Melancholy was around me like a shroud, my sorrow sewn to me with the black thread demons are said to use." -Alice Hoffman, The Dove Keepers

Howth Cliff Walk, Ireland

TJ Drysdale uses natural light to create ethereal images that are reminiscent of fairy tales. Today he shares his thoughts on the risks and rewards of using only natural light.

by tjdrysdale_photography

Instagram Post by TJ Drysdale Photography (@tjdrysdale)

Сны играют очень ✨ важную роль в нашей жизни. Порой в них содержится совет о том, как ✅ правильно поступить в той или иной житейской ситуации. Подробности на сайте!

Что означают символы снов? Общение с подсознанием

"The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it." Henry Ford<<< love this!

Duridish bard

To go to the spirits, the shaman needs some kind of transportation. The most powerful transportation is the drum. A drum is like a horse. - Shaman Woman With Drum


She could be looking at her reflection, trying to remember the person she was. Book 2 maybe.NO RAVEN

Artemis Super stunning and just downright pretty

Nane is an Armenian Mother Goddess. She is the Goddess of War, Wisdom, and Motherhood, and the daughter of the supreme God Aramazd. Naneis portrayed as a young beautiful woman in the clothing of a warrior, with spear and shield in hand