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Cat Says: No Sleep For You, Human! (Video)

Romeo the cat acts innocent -- until the moment you close your eyes to sleep. The relationship between this attention-seeking kitty and his pet parent is

Rossini's "Cats Duet" (animation)

This duet is called "Duetto Buffo di due Gatti" in Italian, and was probably (but not certain) written by Rossini. It is a comic duet for two cats who s.

While some cats are busy LOLing, Henri is morosely lounging around his flat, delivering biting insight into the feline condition. "I am free to go. Yet I remain."

Your Morning Ennui: Henri the French Cat Articulates the Pain of Existence

'French Cat' Video 'Henri, Paw De Deux' Wins Golden Kitty At Internet Cat Film Festival

This Disfigured Cat Was Ignored By Everyone. Then A 7-Year-Old Girl Did Something Incredible...

This Disfigured Cat Was Ignored By Everyone. Then A Girl Did Something Incredible. This is such a heartwarming story and the ending is a miracle.Faith in Humanity Restored

Somebody's in for a surprise...

This will be our cat. "Pretty Sure Our Cat Thinks The Crib We Put Together Was For Him cute animals cat cats adorable animal kittens pets kitten funny animals funny cats"

Zen masters from Japan

It turns out that mandarin orange rinds make much better cat helmets, especially on this zen-like duo.

Cat and his slave, this is kind of funny

Cat and his slave (Собака-почесака) - The look on this dogs face when the cat tells him to bugger off is awesome!