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The new mother, 36, had been born without a uterus, so another woman, 61, donated her womb several years after she had gone through menopause.

This simple method undertaken from around 28 weeks might just save your baby's life.

The thought of a home birth and all of the mess may turn you off from wanting a home birth. But what if it's not? So just how messy is a home birth?

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Are routine vaginal exams during pregnancy necessary? Absolutely not! Might they be helpful in labor? Maybe. Let's explore this issue here.

Common Objections to Delayed Cord Clamping – What’s The Evidence Say? Basically: immediate clamping not supported by science and here's the arguments to counter an OB or Midwife's erroneous objections to delayed cord clamping.

There is a right and a wrong way to squat when in labor and giving birth. Unfortunately, most women are taught the wrong way. Learn the true birth-squat position and why it will lead to a more comfortable birth.

Check out these 10 interesting facts (complete with cute photos) about foxes, wonderful creatures who deserve more respect.

1 year anniversary of Juniper's heart transplant -- Precious girl! #donatelife