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beautiful-wildlife: The Eyes Have It by Jeff Weymier Mexican Gray Wolf (via fabforgottennobility)

Mexican Wolf - SAVE THE WOLVES

Mexican gray wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) by Don Burkett yes. that's my face if i see me in the mirror :'D Mais

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I am pinning this on 'Wolves', but this is not a wolf. Wolves do NOT have blue eyes. Every wolf you see that has blue eyes is probably a wolf dog hybrid, or good editing.

A grey wolf amidst snow

In pictures: Your wolf encounters

Gaston Maqueda took this photo of a grey female member of the Bow Valley wolf pack in Canada's Banff National Park. He said it was an amazing experience to see such a creature in the wild.


Gray wolves are such beautiful creatures. Many people hate them. Wolves are actually afraid of people and just want to be left alone.

Varg, gråvarg eller ulv (Canis lupus)

A gray wolf prowls the underbrush. It looks about alertly. Its golden eyes glint in the sunlight. A gray wolf.