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Nursing from Within Workbook. A true labor of love from ME to YOU to compliment your copy of the book! #nursingfromwithin

Blog of the Month: Nursing from Within #nursecollab #nursingfromwithin #nurseblogs

'Wait, what? You lost your mucus plug? And it's your due date? Why, yes! You need to come to labor and delivery right away!' ...said no labor nurse ever.

Get me 50cc of common sense...STAT!! We're losing them. Reminds me of some administrators I know...

Yes! I love change of shift deliveries! Said no labor and delivery nurse, ever.

This! This explains nursing school better than any post / pic/ meme OUT THERE!! You want in- better be psychic

You never forget that wonderful nurse who got you through labor and assured you that you weren't really going to die.

from BuzzFeed

30 Things Only Hypochondriacs Will Understand

30 Things Only Hypochondriacs Will Understand lol kinda funny but serious if you are prone to kidney infections (i lol