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Pictures of the day: 28 December 2012

Nature puts on a spectacular light show in a phenomenon called a fire rainbow. Brandon Rios's father photographed the sky flickering with colour over Douglas, Arizona. Fire rainbows, or circumhorizon arcs, occur when cirrus clouds are far enough up in the air to form plate-shaped ice crystals. When the sun is at the right angle it hits the top of these plates and splits into different colours that are visible on the ground. Picture: Brandon Rios / Rex Features

Noctlutent clouds are the highest clouds in the sky, but they are not associated with weather like the other clouds. They are best seen from Earth at sunset. This image was taken on June 15, 2007...

見つけたらいいことあるかも* 虹色に染まる美しい雲「彩雲」を探してみよう


Filmmaking is a cloud. Not an atomic cloud.