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This can relate to how Montag feels about not knowing about why they burn books and how it started; he feels very bothered and wants answers. It can also be what Montag sees when he has to burn books with a woman inside the house.

Stunning Concept Art by Daniel Kamarudin

the second in my tobuscus series the other 2 can be found here: DARKNESS: [link] WHITENESS: [link] here's the WALLPAPER: [link] share it around if you w. Tobuscus - Emissary Of Redness

Jack's allies become sparse and even worse shift sides in... Traitors, Terror, and Tribulations          Check out all the excitment each Monday here!         http://jackprimus.wordpress.com

Traitors, Terror, and Tribulations (Featuring Jack Primus)

Draíocht: literal translation means witchcraft. Seems it might also refer to the magic of the Sídhe