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Baby Hyena

20 Animals you've never seen bevor as babie. This is how a chocolate brown hyena babie looks like.

Hyenas usually bear litters of two to four cubs. Cubs begin to eat meat from kills near the den at about 5 months, but they are suckled for as long as 12 to 18 months—an unusually long time for carnivores.

Spotted Hyena Cubs.JPG - Wikipedia. Yes, Hyenas are Feliformia.

Spotted hyenas are born with their eyes open. They’re also born with a scrappy attitude, attacking each other pretty much as soon as they’re born.

Crocuta crocuta - Google 検索

A hyena walking straight towards me in the Mata Mata area in the Kgalagadi Transfontier Park, South Africa.


Botswana Okavango Delta by youngrobv. No laughing hyena, it's actually a yawning hyena, but effective for another dramatic shot from the Moremi Game Reserve all the same.

Ndutu hyena pup

Youthful Curiosity by Alistair Swartz A hyena pup investigates our vehicle. When they are young they are so cute but grow up to be ultimate predators.

Spotted Hyena pup

funnywildlife: “ A ten-week-old spotted hyena cub outside its underground den , Mombo Camp, Botswana by Wildographer Grant Atkinson ”

Anne yavru sırtlan Spotted Hyena pups (Crocuta crocuta)

peroxidepirate: “ beautiful-wildlife: “ Hyena Cubs by Will Burrard-Lucas Liuwa Plain National Park, Zambia ” also these little odd beasties.

Hyenas by Will Burrard-Lucas on 500px

A couple of curious hyenas observe a 'beetle camera' in Zambia. By Will Burrard-Lucas.


I think spotted Hyenas are beautiful in a very dangerous, rugged kind of way. They're also fascinating. Hyenas are led by their females (who are nearly twice as large as the males) and they travel in family packs (much like wolves).