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Home Away from Homer

Home Away from Homer

Home Away from Homer is the twentieth episode of Season Ned hasn't been doing too well at.

Funny Products found in The Simpsons

Man Springfield had some of the best products! Gotta get me some of that Corn Nog and some of those fine magazines!

Lenny Leonard - Simpsons Wiki

Lenny Leonard

Lenford "Lenny" Leonard is the best friend of Carl Carlson and, along with Carl, second best.

19 Times Ralph Wiggum Was The Funniest Part Of “The Simpsons”

19 Ralph Wiggum Moments Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

The Simpsons’ “Lisa the Vegetarian” episode changed the image of vegetarians on TV.

Twenty Years Ago, Lisa Simpson Gave Up Meat and Changed the Image of Vegetarians on TV

When Paul and Linda McCartney agreed to appear on The Simpsons, showrunner David Mirkin decided to buy the proud vegetarians a gift.