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Arnea Wander Genious Will travel Reserved Shy Classy Trash talker Perfectionist Confused mess Compulsive daydreamer Dreams at night too Overall dreamer Woman with many talents with few in use Lazy - working on it! Excessive thinker Nature lover Very...

.Sometimes a photographer just has to be there to grab that shot.... I really love spontaneous photography - this board is focussed on Black and White unfortunately I don't have the WHO took it info as I've collected these offline over the years

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Bonjour !! Je suis Chloe. I love to travel and take pictures. Music is my life and i love my family very much. English is not my first language but i will try to talk to you, message me everything you want Hope you enjoy my blog...

Tasha. Design student. I re-post anything that interests me and generally thats something that involves tea, cake, typewriters, cameras or books. Starbucks coffee. A good book. Thats what makes me tick.