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These wreaths make marvelous holiday gifts. It's an easy recipe, with common ingredients yet so delicious and so tempting. The smell in the house while baking is divine. You can change the filling, use cocoa powder, or only grounded walnuts or almonds, grounded poppy seeds may work as well. I have used a filling with Oregano. It gives an Italian flavor.

Apple and honey cookies

Golden, soft-chewy & studded with apple pieces, these gorgeous apple & honey cookies are richly flavoured and indulgent. A wonderful Rosh Hashana treat!

During the long Easter weekend, my friend Lisa made almond cake, using a Nigella Lawson recipe featuring marzipan as a key ingredient. How fabulous does that sound? She cunningly poured the batter …

Chocolate Chip and Toffee Shortbread Cookies

Pretend Play George's Marvelous Medicine

Pretend Play George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl Imagination Soup Fun Learning and Play Activities for Kids

Candeur for Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux on Etsy now

Why did everyone stop wearing hats? They're so fun and classy!

Eggnog White Russian

With Kahlua, vodka, and eggnog, this three-ingredient holiday boozy beverage is a delicious and intoxicating spin on a White Russian!