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U know this dog looks a lot like my cousin... Wait he is!

19 Dogs Who Have No Idea What They're Doing

i woke up at 3 AM to go do some thing for cheer (the food bank at ch and a lady gave me a tape gun and i was like A GUN! then i shot the lady and my friend and i was like PEW PEW PEW then the lady was like stop and my friend took my gun.

I know each and every day in our busy lives that we all come across unwanted negativity that let’s be honest it doesn’t make you feel very good, it actually puts us in a negative mind frame and then we begin to attract negativity into our lives…  ….Why do you do this? You aren’t worth an ounce of negativity, and I hope you always remember that!  Someone taught me something so simple about how to deflect negativity in my life and I honestly completely forgot all about until today…

Free and Funny Encouragement Ecard: Pew! That's the sound of me deflecting your negative attitude with my happiness shield!

Sometimes be jealous

Read Complete A jealous girlfriend is a faithful girlfriend. If she doesn’t get jealous when someone has your attention, it’s because someone else has hers

Unicorn asexual mascot don't believe asexuality is a thing considering

Unicorn asexual mascot don't believe asexuality is a thing considering……isn't our mascot a dragon

browser weapons thats so awesome they all have weapons browsers war

Funny pictures about If browsers were weapons. Oh, and cool pics about If browsers were weapons. Also, If browsers were weapons.

Bangtan Houses be like:


Tae lives upside down, hobi with the horses, Suga in a deep dark house, kookie in his fav shoe house , etc