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You & Me undefeated until the end of time One Mind, One Heart, One Love -Trey Songz (my fave quote from my fave song "one love" had to do it)

"No camera could ever capture the look in her eyes and the feeling in her heart when she looks at him." #quotes #lovequotes

Pain don't last forever, I'm telling you cause I been their, hurt turns to anger friends turn to strangers but right now I don't care.. -Trey Songz (my fave quote from the song "unfortunate")

All the time:) And he does the same to me! Love my Hubby *BC*

#heartbreak #quotes You can be my Love <3 (:

Tupac Quotes About Women | added march 27 2012 image size 488 x 700 px more from www facebook com ...

I'll do whatever it takes when I'm with you, I get the shakes, my body aches when I ain't with you - I have zero strength. Eminem

How many times do we show both sides of us. I know for me, I have two sides. I have the quiet side that simply enjoys the peace and the talkative laughter side which everyone else sees. Not many have seen the quiet side. I'm too scared that no one likes that side.

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