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People who identify as gay, bisexual or transgender are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than those who are straight. This fact comes from a report conducted by the Department of Health Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). In fact, the percentage of LGBT drug abuse is over twice as high at almost 40 percent as opposed to 17 percent for straight people. http://stfi.re/ggnyxpw

LGBT Drug Addiction

People who identify as gay, bi, or transgender are more likely to abuse drugs&alcohol than those who are straight. But LGBT addiction treatment is available

Three tips I gave my daughter about coping with an alcoholic at work. Click the image for methods that work!

My Daughter Works With An Obnoxious Alcoholic

Three rules to live by when you are trying to get along with an alcoholic are: accept unacceptable behavior. argue with a drunk. be a doormat

Heroin - The Most Addictive Drug Ever Infographic

DrugAddiction- Heroin is known as one of the most addictive drugs ever. Physically (If the person does not die of overdose) Emotionally & Financially devestating to the addict themselves, those who love them and the communities they live in.


Addiction quote - Addiction is a monster; it lives inside, and feeds off of you, takes from you, controls you, and destroys you. It is a bea.

These are some of the common drugs Used amd abused by teens, it is so unfortunate that teens have found so many ways to get at amd use drugs

Drug symptoms of teen drug use. Sometimes your child is using drugs and going a great job of hiding it from you.


When a person suffers from a mental illness or substance abuse problem, their family suffers too. That’s why we offer family assessments, education and support at St.

You cant change people love love quotes quotes quote girl quotes instagram instagram quotes

You can't change people. Either you accept who they are, or start living life without them. And that is why I said goodbye to my twin flame.

Fighting opioid abuse in CT: Governor signs major bill into law | FOX 61

Fighting opioid abuse in CT: Governor signs major bill into law