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Himeji Castle, also known as the White Heron castle, probably the most beautiful castle in Japan (by killerturnip).

“The white heron” Castle, Himeji Castle, Hyogo, Japan. The castle is regarded as the finest surviving example of prototypical Japanese castle architecture, comprising a network of 83 buildings with advanced defensive systems from the feudal period. by cchambaz

Himeji Castle, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. This is one of the few castles that is an "original." Many Japanese castles were bombed out during WWII and rebuilt afterwards. Himeiji-jo did not suffer that fate and is intact in its original form. It is quite lovely inside and out.

Matsudaira Sadayasu, the last lord of Matsue Castle, which dates from 1611. It is just 1 of 12 castles left in Japan. The black-painted wood of the castle's tower gives a menacing effect to the six-story tower. Matsue Castle has the third tallest tower at 30m, and it is the sixth oldest. Inside are displays of arms and armor, and the original shachi (mythical dolphins) of the castle's roof.

Hard to believe this is a photograph! Looks like a hand-inked illustration... "FISHERMAN AND SKIFF ON THE RIVER OF MIST" by Okinawa Soba.. This image is one of several examples of a largely ignored facet of old Japanese Photography -- a genre called "TAISHO PICTORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY". The pictorialism movement in Japan reached its peak during the reign of EMPEROR TAISHO (1912-26).

Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat). Carved Wood. Takayama, Japan.

"PILGRIM ON A FOREST ROAD -- Into the Mist of Old Japan" by Okinawa Soba, a master of the Taigo Art style of photography, ca.1905