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sleepy dean!

Let’s all watch Dean sleep.

The sleeping cast. Meanwhile Misha... Sorry, I'm getting through "Meanwhile Misha" phase. This man is awkward as hell.

The Supernatural Cast Sleeps. Meanwhile, Misha.and did I see Crowley wearing a Doctor Who shirt? Also, can I just say how adorable the King of Hell sleeps? And let's just mention the fact the balthazar is sleeping on the floor.

You can see the happiness drain out of them I'm gonna go crawl in a hole and die now bye.

Over the years they've lost their happiness and given the fandom so many feels. But if you look at it backward, it's even more heart-breaking!

I lived

My mom die, I lived. My dad died, I lived. My brother died, I lived. You my best friend died.

Go the fuck to sleep supernatural ed

A Winchester Bedtime Story: Supernatural "Go the Fuck to Sleep". Best thing ever!

Winchester sass, even to God. I swear, these guys make me laugh so often, it almost makes up for the crying

All In The Family // Sam You told God to cool it? Yes. Yes, he did. Because he is Dean Winchester.

The Winchesters win

I know a lot of people like Claire but I honestly don't?