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Survival Shelf: Link Resource Site - Now Closed

Alaska: The Last Frontier : Discovery Channel. These people are AMAZING! My inspiration--if they can do it in Alaska, I can do it in the lower 48!


We are students industrial design and for the past 2 weeks we have been building a rain harvesting system. Our client is a community with a public garden because they don't have a private garden for themselves. The garden is a place where they can cultivate some vegetables and fruits, relax, enjoy the sun, have a BBQ and meet new people. They don't have a water supply, only a 1000l reservoir that’s filled a little every week by the city. If the city decides to stop filling the barrel th...

10 Survival Items to Scavenge from Abandoned Vehicles. Looting, scavenging, call it what you will. When the SHTF, you might need to do a little scavenging

Seven Primitive Survival Shelters That Could Save Your Life Shared from