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Doctor Who Series 1-6 Timeline, its sad I remember every single episode and still think Rose Tyler is the worst companion

Doctor Who series timeline. This is hilarious but it's a good thing it doesn't include season or River's timeline would look like a hamster had run wildly across the page--- is season just part 2 of saeson 6 or did i miss something

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Gorgeous painting by Alice X. Zhang of the tenth Doctor. I adore her painting style.

Starry Pond

Rory and Amy Pond kiss kissing in front of starry night Van Gogh Doctor Who 11

One of my favorite scenes in Day of the Doctor

The TARDIS brings hope to all that hear it. One of my favorite scenes in the anniversary special. Bad Wolf is my spirit animal.

I dunno where the last two are from...?

imagine all of those aliens and you in one room. you can't blink, breathe, think, or remember they are there. And since you can't remember to not do all these things.


Doctor Who ~season poster by ~AdrianaMelo on deviantART

Rose is Bad Wolf by ~Alea-Lefevre on deviantART

Rose Tyler as Bad Wolf - Doctor Who Art Print by Alea Lefevre - Billie Piper.

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Doctor Who. River Song Her hair IS full of spoilers! They're written in Gallifreyan.<<< "That's why her hair is so big. It's full of spoilers.

If Rose can travel between universes and the Doctor can keep fighting in her name, then I can repin this for the rest of time.

She did see his face! when he thought he was going to die he went back and told her she was going to have a great year.before she met //// NO SHUT UP- Mind blown!

This part always makes me cry

This is the best, most heart-wrenching episode. my favorite - Doctor Who season 5 episode Vincent and the Doctor Only one other moment in Doctor Who made me cry as hard as this did!

Doctor Who closet, complete with time vortex. If I do this, will it make my closet bigger on the inside? I could use a walk-in closet with a library and a pool. Dylan likes idea for door into room without time vortex

Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Amy Pond and Clara Oswald

The girl who walked the earth-. The most important woman-. The girl who waited-. The imposible girl Rose__Martha__Donna__Amy__Clara