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HOW COME IVE NEVER SEEN THIS AHHHHH>>>first of all Luke looks so adorable when he winks and second Calum probably thinks it's a doughnut

Luke - look how big my mouth is Ash - that is disgusting like put it away Michael - come here Calum let's cuddle Calum - stop touching me Michael I need to look happy

BABY 5SOS AWWWWWW<< my life is complete now<<<I'm seeing them on the 12th of June 2015. follow me and send me a message if you are too.

I literaly got into a 30 minute argument with my friend because she said 5sos were "weird" and I could've thrown my computer monitor at her.

Aaawww Cal ^.^>>>> Like no Cal just stop looking so adorable and cute and just ughhh stop before I die of adorableness :)