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for real I hated Mr Noodle when the kids were young.banned elmo cuz I was for sure this person screaming "Goddammit Mr Noodle!

@MΔCΨ ∇ΔLDΣZ @Jestina McClellan McClellan Horan (TBCI) @∞•JeNnA•∞ or Eugina

THIS IS NOW A THING<<< I was actually in class and was on my phone and started laughing and my teacher was like Brianna are you okay and I just said uh Luigi! And my friend just stared at me and we laughed until the teacher told us to be quiet

Last 10 minutes of being a teenager. Goodness, I'm going to have to deal with this decision later this year O_O<<< I'm dying that was hilarious XD

Forever alone this is me.the big spoon. and not the good big spoon the forever alone one with the ice cream:(<<< what are you talking about? That is the good big spoon xD

Pardon the language, but my goodness

So I watch Sesame Street with my toddler. Every time the Mister Noodle routine is on, this story is all I can think of.


If someone turned this paper in to me if I was a teacher he would get atleast 13 As


Ship names! The thing your describing is ship names using your surname!

Sure Fire Way To Get Arrested Fast

This is terrible. But I can't stop laughing.<I can't stop laughing and in supposed to be asleep hopefully I don't get caught hahahahahhaha

Sounds familiar

This is sadly true about older brothers. There exsists older brothers who are perfect.

HELP I CAN'T!!! Like, I feel somewhat bad, BUT THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!

"i made a kid cry and I got a tip" oh yes, I love to make kids cry